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Case :
Choose a suitable case, a case sensitive or case insensitive search can be performed. Choosing a case insensitive search would disregard the case of the search terms during the search. For example, while searching for the word "Advanced," all documents containing the words "ADVANCED," "advanced," "Advanced" etc. would be displayed. While a case sensitive search would only display the page containing the word "Advanced."

Type :
Choose the type of search. A search based on "Exact Match" would search for exactly the search words you specify, while a search based on "Fuzzy Match" would search based on fuzzy logic. For example, a search for the word "Advance" based on "Exact Match" would only display documents with the word "Advance" within them, (search would also depend on case selected). While a search for the same word based on "Fuzzy Match" would display pages containing the words "Advance," "Advanced," "Advancement," "Advancing" etc. (search would also depend on the case selected).

Construct :
Choose the construct of the search. "As a phrase" would perform a search using the search words as a sentence. For example, if the search words are "Help," "on," "using," "Advanced," "Search," then only documents containing the sentence "Help on using Advanced Search" would be displayed. "Any Search term" would display all pages containing any of the above search words. While "All search terms" would only display those pages which have all of the above search words anywhere in the document not necessarily in the form of a sentence.

Hits :
Choose the number of successful matches to be displayed on each page.

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